Horses at viewpoint

All our horses are trained according to “Natural Horsemanship”

Every horse has its own personality and we take great care providing you with the most suitable horse for your ride. Some horses are more agil, some are taller, some mellower, some more sensitive to riders and so on. This is one of the reason why horseback riding will never get boring and is such a fulfilling activity.


“Schubert”, named after the Austrian composer, is our youngest horse. We consider him the sweetest of all, but being a young boy he exhibits typical bad manners such as being sleepy, hungry at all times and sometimes naughty!

Kenya waterfall

“Kenya” is the only female horse and clear leader of the herd! She is a bit older, but not lacking energy. She still likes to run, but gets out of breath quicker. Excellent for light weight beginners, children as well as experienced riders as long as they are on the “light” side. Very stable mind and the secure footing.


“Chico” has the most beautiful mane of the herd. He is a bit smaller, but has lots of energy and loves to run. Reacts excellent to neck reigning commands and cuts corners like no other horse in the stable! He also loves to swim … in case we are entering the river be prepared to get soaked!


“Cimarron” is a Barock Pinto and as such has 37.5% Fresian Blood! Even though the biggest horse he is very mellow tempered. Walks fast and needs a more experienced rider.


“Romeo” is a bit taller and not the youngest anymore, but he is an excellent trail horse. He is very calm around other horses and walks steadily behind the horses in the front.


“Santi” is a fun horse that is fairly agile. He is a smaller horse and therefore good for shorter riders and kids. He is best friends with horse “Romeo” and the two always stick together!

Our beautiful waterfalls, swimming ponds, fruit trees, and wildlife await you